C A N  W E  H A V E  A  D R U M  R O L L  P L E A S E ?….


Merrimaking turns 10 YEARS OLD this month, which is completely crazy, and while it’s a difficult decision, we also agreed that it’s a good age to end on! (OMG)

We have had such a stupid amount of fun over the past decade, and we can’t shut down shop without taking a moment to reflect on all of the highlights (of which there are many that we’ve shared in-person with a lot of you guys!). 

But first, and before we start to blub and change our mind, we have left-over stock and we’re selling it all at a hugely reduced price to make room for our next adventures. So go and grab your last Merri outfit before it all sells out!



S O , W H A T  A R E  W E  G O I N G  T O  D O  N O W ?



Meg is juggling a toddler whilst making illuminated artwork and bespoke signs, under the title Show Pony



Harri set up Things Of Steel, which organises cycle trips from London to Athens, raising money for refugees in Greece. (She won’t blow her own trumpet, but I can!)… They have now raised well over £250k, and there’s no plan to stop. You can follow Thighs of Steel here.