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GIRLS. Meg Tait.

Looking for something soon? I’m half-way through a new Girls, this one is painted rose pink and pastel purple, with navy edge work – I’ve featured a photo of this piece nearly finished. Letters will be attached to white wooden batons, and the whole piece is available with or without lights. This can be available in 1-2 weeks.

If you choose to have it fitted with lightbulbs, the electrics are custom-made to fit each of my signs, meaning you can also specify wether you’d like the main cable to join at the front, centre or end of the word, so as to neatly reach your closest plug socket. (With the help of an electrician, it is also possible to have your sign wired directly into the building)

• 120cm x 32cm 

• Wall mounted, requires 2 screws to be drilled into the wall. Or can be rested on  a sideboard

• FREE dimmer device included, when fitted with bulbs. Plus an extra bulb also provided free. All easily replaceable. 2000 Hours. 18W/equivalent to 23W. 30% energy saving. 

• 2m white cable to UK plug. * Note cable is not visible in photo, as it had been wired directly into the wall. A white cable and plug will be visible should you not choose to do this *

• 1-year PAT Test certificate dated from up to 2 weeks prior to delivery

• Please allow 1-2 weeks

• Keep out of reach from children – the bulbs get hot. Enquire about opting for LED’s is this is of concern.

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Paint on wood. Custom-made electrics, fitted with glass halogen bulbs (LED compatible), UK plug. 

Delivery Times:

Allow up to 1 – 2 weeks to complete. I email you to arrange a convenient date for delivery by courier.

Additional information


Without bulbs, Fitted with 17 glass bulbs and a dimmer switch

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