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Lucky Dip Hoods

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Can’t choose which? Love the fun of a surprise? Choose a Lucky Dip hood and we’ll send you any one of our hoods

You could receive one of our classic hoods, a completely one-off variation or even a Stag Hood. All otherwise sold for between £25 and £60. Because we’re giving you an option that’s especially cheap, we can’t offer refunds … but taking the risk is part of the game right!?

Here is a few examples of past and present favourites…


Product Description


Adult. One-size fits all. Loose cosy fit, fastened with a wooden toggle.

Made from:

We’d like to think it goes without saying, but we do not and will not use real animal fur. We use a high quality faux fur, and cotton linings. Our hoods are machine washable, air dry only. We recommend giving them a gentle brush to get the fluffiness back.

Delivery Times:

For up to date delivery times on all products check here.

Couture Hoods:

Looking for something unique? Commission us to sew you an entirely bespoke hood – you can make changes to any of our custom hoods, or suggest an entirely new animal. Order your Couture hood by clicking here.


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