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WHOA it’s the end of an era for us at Merrimaking. 

After a really fun and very furry 8 years, we’re no longer making our Animal Hoods! We decided that we needed to keep things changing. We needed to put our efforts into bringing you new designs, we wanted to keep learning from what we do and we’re really looking forward to finally wearing an outfit that isn’t covered in fur – making these Hoods is MESSY!

So we bid farewell to these loveable fluffy headpieces, that, since the first day we made one, have shaped our lives and taken us in some very fun and completely insane directions!

Don’t own one? Don’t fret, if you still really want to get your mitts on one of our Hoods (and you love the fun of a surprise…) you can choose a Lucky Dip Hood and we’ll send you any one of our last remaining animals.

You could receive one of our classic hoods, a completely one-off variation or even a Stag Hood. All otherwise sold for between £25 and £60. Because we’re giving you an option that’s especially cheap, we can’t offer refunds … but taking the risk is part of the game right!?

Here is a few examples of past and present favourites…


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Adult. One-size fits all. Loose cosy fit, fastened with a wooden toggle.

Made from:

We’d like to think it goes without saying, but we do not and will not use real animal fur. We use a high quality faux fur, and cotton linings. Our hoods are machine washable, air dry only. We recommend giving them a gentle brush to get the fluffiness back.

Delivery Times:

For up to date delivery times on all products check here.

Couture Hoods:

Looking for something unique? Commission us to sew you an entirely bespoke hood – you can make changes to any of our custom hoods, or suggest an entirely new animal. Order your Couture hood by clicking here.


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