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“Founded as a means to fund fun, and unknowingly fore-fronting a distinctive fashion trend – The Animal Hood”

“We are Meg and Harri, two friends from Brighton. At uni we made and wore faux fur hoods with

animal ears for parties, and to unite friends at festivals. When we graduated they had one idea quite literally on our minds:

to make more hoods and sell them as a means to fund a summer of fun…

So, we made 30 and cycled to the Green Man Festival in Wales. The Hoods quickly sold out (and even had their on-stage

debut with Molotov Jukebox). When they got home they made more. And more and more and more and more, and before

we knew it (and much to our bemusement) they were on sale in Selfridges in London and the rest really is history!

The Hoods soon became a full-time job, and paved the way for us to create an entire wardrobe of  designs, 

including clothing and accessories. All inspired by playful ideas, and mostly designed whilst day-dreaming.”


Now, Merrimaking is run by Meg, who also makes illuminated artworks and bespoke signage (Instagram: @megtait_showpony).

Harri organises 6-week cycles between London and Athens, raising money for refugees in Greece (Instagram: @thighs.of.steel)


Merrimaking has been worn by artists including Ellie Goulding, Rizzle Kicks and Zoe Ball, has flooded the fields at

summer festivals and been featured on TV and in high-street magazines fashion magazines including

Vogue and Grazia.

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